Friday, October 1, 2010

Cook out!

We had a cook out.

K made Kurma chicken :D It was not spicy ~ thank you! It was not sandy due to the powder. It was well stirred. The chicken was cooked just right ~ not bloody or over cooked. The taste was spot on. Good job!

A & C made appetizer. I have no idea what it is called but it had prawn and sago :D The cooking processed freaked me out :P (sorry guys :D) but I truly enjoyed the food :D The cooked prawn and dried prawn concept was cool (thx to me of course hehe :P) I liked it despite my reservation. FYI, I don't think the consistency was bad :D I liked it :D

D made dessert of French toast and ice cream. Sometimes, the simple things in life are the true reflection of it's meaning. It was refreshing and nice :D Even with a full stomach I couldn't stop eating till the last drop :D Lovely!

My vege also had poor dressing consistency but was palatable.

That's all folks!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Decision thoughts ...

I was listening to the radio last night ... a matter of making decision was debated on. The response was "I will plan after the decision has been made." Now, I am no expert or wise person, but I have been riddled with this statement for quite the better half of the night.

Making a decision involves many people contrary to popular belief. The person making the decision, the people involved in the decision, the people supporting the people involved in the decision, the people surrounding this people who are supporting the people in the decision ... I always believed in planning as far as the eyes can see. No doubt we cannot predict everything that is going to happen (no crystal ball strong enough for the predictions) but I always feel compelled to prepare as many safety nets as possible. To always be as considerate as possible to the people involved in the decision - directly or not directly.

On the other hand, I realise that the personal choice to dive and test the swimming ability later, is a popular choice. These people say

"I will learn to swim once I am in the water"
"If there is a shark in the water, I will deal with it if it comes"
"Swim how long? Till I am tired, I guess?"

I am a cautious pessimistic person in all that respect. However, I noticed that these people take life in stride better than I do. Life is an open field to play in - unlike for me - it is a maze with multiple choices and no U-turn signs. Perhaps I need to learn to dive to. To take the first step and play it as it comes. Perhaps.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Teach? Lecture?

I have worked with a variety of people before. However, my experience is neither extensive nor complete. I have realised the qualities that have made people who they are. Many of them I look up to and hope to emulate some of their characteristics.

Qualities I want (or rather hope to have) check list ... Ref:

There is a VERY long list of qualities that make a person great but the quality of motivation hit home recently. I don't have a boss (simply because I don't work :D), but I have worked in teams under various leadership before. I have met many bosses (to use the term loosely for team leaders ...) that demoralise the team. Be it that they are thinking of reverse psychology to motivate or that they are just grumpy people to begin with ... they are a reality and are every where.

On the other hand, there are leaders that spark the fire of passion! An example which I will be always grateful for was the medical student conference team I was in last year. My boss (actually, my good friend, K) gave the job of doing the conference magazine to me. First, let me clarify that I am not creative (graphically or text wise), I have no experience in magazine works and I certainly am not patient when it comes to my boss's whims and fancies of pages. I muttered under my breath for the few months that I had to do the job. However, every time I attend our meetings with K, somehow ... be it his words, presence, patients, or spiking my drink ... I always feel motivated to carry on the job. In the end, I am very proud of the work I did for the magazine (self praise is no praise ... I know :P). I will always be grateful for his power to convince me to strive! Thanks boss!

Truly, I am a believer of the power to motivate and not demoralise others. Hopefully, I can do the same to others :D

To my parents, especially to my mummy (as it is Mother's day), thank you. For all the times I said I can't and you said I could. I has always been a blessing to have my own cheer leading team, be it only a one person team! Will always love the fire you have lit in me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Learning Curve

Disclaimer: This post does not in anyway reflect the opinion of my institutes of learning (now or in the past). Neither does it reflect the actions or perception of my friends. It was purely meant for me to vent and avoid my blog from being without a post ...

Being in my current learning institute, I am power charged with the spirit of self directed learning (no really, when I first heard this, I was in awe - like a small boy being introduced to the concept of television).

excited betul!

It was designed so that, students will self check their own work. We would decide by ourselves the amount we NEED to read (greatly influenced of course by the amount we WANT to read). Now, especially in clinical school, we are expected to go to wards and learn as much as we NEED ...

With many sub-topics in mind, I was hit by the recent idea that was "if I feel that I am not able to learn from this session (seminar, PBL, TBL, CP, clinic, community visit etc), I am not going to attend it".

Hehe another disclaimer: this is not me :P I just like the view :P

So, how true is this statement?

In truth, one can learn anywhere and everywhere. Even bad situations can be beneficial to teach is what not to do. Plus, after broadening my horizon of other medical schools (haha - honestly, the view is probably a tunnel vision field but humour my delusions for this post yah!), I have realized the "golden opportunity egg" which my institute of learning sits on. Our clinical exposure is so vast that we do feel natural in the health care setting (not always but usually yes).

But, in a situation, that one cannot feel the benefits (be it because the environment is not suitable, we ourselves are not prepared, the possibility of doing other priority stuff etc), should one be given the option to not attend? We are constantly reprimanded to behave like adults and make decision to help ourselves, hence, is this not a decision made to help ourselves.

Of course, in any decision in life, there are pro and cons. Sometimes the boon and bane weigh differently on the scale depending on ones desire. In a nutshell, "a lazy person can come up with all the excuses in the world to justify slacking off and well as a hard working person can justify his spirit".

Just some thought to ponder upon ...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Falling sick


Anyone who has been around me for the past 5 days will know that I have been more grumpy than ever. I do not like falling sick. In fact, it has been a very long time since I last fell sick like this.

Five days ago, Sore-throat felt bored and wanted to have a party. he invited his two best friends, Runny-nose and Block-nose. The Nose brothers were having the time of their life. Soon, Fever came to join the party and Cough decided to stop by too. After all, what is a party if there is less than 5?

Due to all of them partying in my head, Sleep felt shy and decided not to come. She stayed out late till 3am before she was comfortable to at least say 'hi' to the guys. However, she left about 5:30am. The partying went wild and the house, me, was developing a new groovy feeling called "out of body". (Literally, my boy was working faster than my head - so scary to drive and walk like this okay!).

After effect?

Anyway, on Friday, Sore-throat's parents, Mr Complete-rest-in-bed and Mrs 100-plus (because I felt dehydrated too) decided than enough is enough. They ended the party. Mrs Clarinase(thank you daddy & mummy), Mr Zyrtec (thank you D!) & Mr Panadol-Flu-Max (thank you K!) came to pick up their children. The house was slowly being cleaned by Mrs Porridge (thank you K!) and her sister Mrs Soup (thank you mummy!). The house is still a mess and is in the process of trying to get things tidy. Of course, Mr Non-compliant-patient was trying to avoid the parents and got scolded. (thank you fam med guys!) It is going for inspection this Friday by the landlords, Prof K and Prof T (I think so!). So, wish the house best of luck!

Stress out and worrying about the inspection.


On another note, I also notice something. I am really not as healthy as I like to think I am. When my friends fall sick (LW, K, DL), as sick as they are, they can still function. The are still able to to be more motivated and fresh than I am when I am healthy.

Complete rest in bed is not an easy thing to ask patients to do ...

Thus, the conclusion is that I really REALLY need to start living a healthier lifestyle. More exercise? More vege? Less stressing? (yes, I can hear K cheering to this thought ...)

Well, que sera sera ...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quick Update

Haha - I seem to be doing a lot of this quick updates nowadays ... ah well, just putting my thoughts together.

Firstly, I have been to Singapore for the month of November and December. Not for holiday, but for Selective and Elective. Long story cut short, it was enjoyable and I learnt a lot. I learned the academic side and the personal side of it. My academic knowledge, well, has been summarised in my Selective and Elective report. Hehe If i can figure a way to attach it to this post than you can read all about it. The personal side, I learned about fighting and keeping the spirit up. A bit about loneliness and independence. A bit about social skills and etiquette. An experience that I owe to my parents for paying for my extended (not in IMU contract) education and my cousins whom have put a roof over my head and food before me. Thank you.

My cousins ... :D:D

As for Christmas, I spent it in Penang & Hat Yai! Haha A little less traditional but enjoyable non-the-less. Penang? What else? EAT! (I have since then never dare to stand near a weighing scale...) Hat Yai? Shop! I finally bought a pair of jeans that I like. Haha I know I sound like a small kid whose birthday came early but yeah, I have been wanting to get another pair of jeans for ages ... I truly enjoyed the trip :D

Now, back to reality in Seremban. Starting in Family Medicine. So far, the momentum is not starting. Too many breaks in between ... new year hols ... GP posting ... sigh. I really need to start work ...

Okay, enough reminiscing. Time to get off the Internet and start on my report :D

Till next time :P

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Minor posting's of Semester 8

I have finished my 4 minor postings of semester 8: Ophthalmology, Accident & Emergency, Dermatology and Ear, Nose & Throat.

My thoughts?

Ophthalmology? It was interesting staring into people's eyes. It was also fulfilling to finally be able to see the optic disc somewhere other than the books :D Thank you Dr P and Dr K for teaching us. However, I don't think I will see it as a career :P I can recognize normal - and that is the limit of my ability. Plus, I don't have the patience to read all the disease's in the book :D

Accident & Emergency? It was a very very scary posting but a practical one. One has got to learn the trade or else there I will be no use in an actual setting :D It is important to declare that my group were the angel's of A&E. it is true than in the 2 weeks, no one (and I mean it literally from morning sessions to night on call) we did not see ANY intubation, resuscitation or patient who has passed away. The only exception was the last group on call if I am not mistaken. So, we are not to be blamed :P Haha if this could be scientifically proven, we would all be hired to sit in the department just to ensure the safety of the patients :D

Dermatology? I am 100% that I will not be doing speciality in this posting. Don't get me wrong. Dr N, Dr P, Dr I and Kak N were smashing. But, to me, all skin lesions look the same. Please don't ask me to tell the difference. For that matter, in the exam, one of the questions asked for underlying conditions that could be possible ... I answered everything (every disease that I could write in the short 5 minutes). So, I guess that career died before it started :P

Ear, Nose & Throat? This posting was much better. Thank you Prof E. However, 2 weeks to finish 3 anatomy has sent my head in twirls ... But I did get to see audiometry testing in action. It felt rewarding to see patients be fitted for hearing aid or to receive speech therapy. Hmm, quite touching.

However, on the whole, the postings were too specialized. Without a deeper interest, it really was just like blowing through each postings. Hopefully, I can catch up with all the reading during my selective and elective posting (yeah, yeah, I am just saying this to comfort myself but the books are more likely to just gather dust for 2 months :D)